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Our company was established in 2002 and serves in the manufacturing sector; Produces and exports all kinds of prayer rugs, child prayer rugs.
Our company established in 2015 in Istanbul – Turkey. In order to add value to our customers and provide service in all aspects of our business. We offer a unique combination of global reach, fast and effective communication, technical skills, market knowledge and an absolute commitment to customer and supplier partnerships. Our company is currently offering a wide range of high quality products for various industries with Textile , Food and Kitchenware. Customer`s satisfaction is set-up as our priority, each single customer of Kutlu Trading Company enjoys the flexibility in sourcing, competitive pricing, on-time deliveries, fast-true-continuous information, a dedicated professional team and reliability while they cooperate with Kutlu Trading Company
As Selam Kadife we manufacture and supply velvets, fabrics, prayer rugs, carpets, upholstery fabrics, upholstery velvet fabrics, velvet fabrics, spiege prayer rugs, velvet prayer rugs, velure prayer rugs, velvet carpets, silverly prayer rugs, velvet, fabric, prayer rug, carpet, upholstery fabric, upholstery velvet fabric, velvet fabric, spiege prayer rug, velvet prayer rug, velure prayer rug, velvet carpet, silverly prayer rug... Selam Kadife was founded, with 35 years of experience, in 2014. The production in our factory continues within our 3000 square meter of indoor space.. Selam Kadife has the capacity to produce 2 Million square meter of velvet fabric and prayer mats annually. In our production process, our company uses the latest technological machinery in the sector. Our staff enjoy a wide range of experience and our products are of a very high quality. . From the beginning to present we have focused on the exportation of our products to all the corners of the world, especially the Middle East, the Gulf countries and North African countries. Importance of the quality and the accuracy of our production and the controlling stages, show our respectful behavior towards our customers.
we produce prayer rugs,velvet upholstery fabrics, all kind of prayer mats, velur,spingel etc.
Berra Takke was founded by Mustafa ALTUNTAS, who has been serving in the internal market since 1990. He served in the domestic market until 2010. In 2010, with a new understanding, the machine park wa
- Gozde Kadife Tekstil was established in 1986 as a family company in Istanbul. Our firm has strengthened its position in the textile sector with its factory established in Istanbul, Arnavutkoy. We continue to make all kinds of investments to provide better quality service. - GOZDE KADIFE TEKSTIL, which has adopted the principle of keeping honesty and service concept in its commercial life as a principle, has become a symbol of trust for the enterprises in the sector, having managed to keep its pioneering position in all fields it works rightfully.
prayer rug since 2005
Established in 2014 Hilal Takke serves with certain steps with its quality and trust vision.